Manicminers Wiki

Terrain defines how your miners interact with the world. There are 3 major types of terrain: Walls, ground, and environmental terrain. These will change appearance depending on the Biome you are playing in. The maximum angle that the units can walk on is 60 degrees.


Walls can be easily identified by extruding above the regular ground level. Most wall types can be drilled by your units to progress through the caverns. In some cases, you might need Large vehicles to drill the walls, such as if you want to get through Hard Rock effectively. Solid Rock and Recharge Seams can never be drilled by your units.

There are 7 wall types in the game:

  • Dirt
  • Loose Rock
  • Hard Rock
  • Solid Rock
  • Energy Crystal Seam
  • Ore Seam
  • Recharge Seam


Ground terrain is what your units walk on. It can take many shapes, and in some cases be altered by your units, such as with building Power Paths. In other cases, the cavern itself can alter the ground terrain through Erosion.

There are 6 ground terrain types in the game:

  • Normal ground
  • Rubble (4 different stages)
  • Power Paths
  • Unfinished Power Paths
  • Erosion (4 different stages)
  • Slimy Slug hole

All of these can be traversed by ground-based vehicles and miners.

Environmental terrain

There are 3 environmental terrains in the game:

  • Water
  • Lava
  • Cliffs

These can not be traversed by miners, and require vehicles to do so. Cliffs can additionally not be traversed by anyone.