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This page should have the releases and changelogs.

V0.3: The Miners and Machines update


- Important changes: ----- 


- Vehicles are now in the game! And also lasers!

- All miners are fully customizable with a trove of parts from 1950-1999

- ALL button hotkeys are now assignable through the Controls menu! Click Controls->"Custom keybindings"

- Miners can train, recharge crystals, and eat sandwiches

- You can control miners through Eye view or Shoulder view

- Your saved settings are now GLOBAL and synced between builds

- Your maps are now stored in your Documents folder and are therefore synced between builds

- Added the remaining original levels. Please keep in mind some won't be too challenging until Monsters are added.

- Many buttons and interface elements have been replaced with HD versions.

- All materials and some models have been updated too!

- Spiders!

- The game now runs on DX12 by default, if you can't/won't use DX12 , please use the DX11 version in the "Alternate versions" folder. It requires a bit more setup. Otherwise, refer to Troubleshooting.

Full-length changelog:

----- Vehicles: -----

Vehicles have been added to the game! Transport powerful mining machinery to conquer the caverns. To

control the vehicles, your miners will have to train as Drivers, Pilots, or Sailors. Vehicles exclusively

cost crystals to teleport down and exclusively costs Ore to upgrade (Studs count too).

- Added 12 vehicles

- Hover Scout: An incredibly quick transport vehicle.

- (NEW) Use the new Leap feature to leap across impassable terrain! (double-click it)

- Speed across caverns!

- Requires no training

- Small Digger: A quick but weak drilling vehicle. It takes reduced damage from landslides.

- Small Transport Truck: A quick vehicle used to collect and distribute resources!

It can not transport Dynamite or Barriers.

- Small Mobile Laser Cutter: A small vehicle carrying a laser. Double click on it

to use it!

- Rapid Rider: A small catamaran that can carry resources over water. Will automatically 

collect Crystals that have fallen into water. They will collect at the Docks.

- (NEW) Use the new Leap feature to leap across impassable terrain! (double-click it)

- (NEW) Upgrade the drill function to drill seaside walls! (Upgrades at Docks)

- Tunnel Scout: A small helicopter that can fly over any terrain. Upgrade it to

give it light drilling capabilities.

- Loader Dozer: Master of landslides. Clears rubble and reinforces walls. Does not

take damage from landslides.

- Large Mobile Laser Cutter: A tough vehicle outfitted with two high-damage lasers. 

- Granite Grinder: A walking mech-like vehicle with good drilling capabilities and

a pretty high speed. It takes reduced damage from landslides.

- (NEW) Use the new Leap feature to leap across impassable terrain! (double-click it)

- Chrome Chrusher: The strongest drilling vehicle that exists. It is slower than the

Granite Grinder. It also has a weaker laser to defend against 

monsters. It has been granted a powerful Leaping ability. It takes 

reduced damage from landslides.

- Tunnel Transport: A large utility vehicle. It can carry resources and vehicles over any terrain.

Double-click to activate transport ability, then select a target.

- Cargo Carrier: Carries vehicles over water and potentially lava. Double-click to 

activate transport ability, then select a target.

- Crystal costs and dependencies have been adjusted to better fit the new abilities of the vehicles.

- Vehicles are automatically queued to be entered when they are teleported down. 

- Cancel entering Vehicle command added (Only through hotkey C for now)

- Miners can carry one resource with them into any vehicle, including Hover Scout.

- Water vehicles deposit resources on nearby land by command or at the Docks automatically.

- Water vehicles can be entered and exited if near land at a quite generous distance

- The vehicle HUD is different from Lego Rock Raiders: Exit/Enter and Load/Unload replace 

each other when one is disabled. Also note that in multi-select, the HUD will always

default to assuming the "First selected" Vehicle is what should be used. 

- Vehicles now have a "Carry meter" to show how full their capacity is

- Vehicle upgrades: Upgrade your vehicles to enhance their abilities! Each vehicle has unique upgrades.

    - All upgrades have been reworked from the original game and some have been removed.

    - Vehicles can now be repaired at an Upgrade Station for free.

----- Lasers: ---- ==== Lasers can be found on vehicles or on buildings (Only the Mining Laser right now). They are incredibly

powerful but requires careful management of your Energy Crystals!

- Lasers have a "free radius" where shots cost nothing. If the Crystal cost counter is gray, 

that means the shot will not cost anything.

- Laser shots consume crystals if shot outside of the free radius. The discharged 

crystals appears at the nearest power station if available. 

Recharge the crystals at a recharge seam!

(!) If no seam is available, be careful with using lasers as the crystals 

will be PERMANENTLY drained

- Cost stacks between shots. If the first shot costs 0.5 crystals it will not consume a crystal

- Lasers have infinite range

- The cost of a shot goes up with distance

- Cost stacks between shots. If the first shot costs 0.5 crystals it will not consume a crystal

- The lasers are balanced so that the mining efficiency is the following:

Mining Laser > LMLC > Chrome Crusher> SMLC , 

as the CC should mostly use it as defense, but that won't be available until next update.

- Hold the mouse for continuous fire (not working for the Mining Laser right now)

- Lasers CAN hit the roof of the cavern, even when it's hidden so watch out! If there is no cursor, think it through!

- Lasers CAN be fired while a laser vehicle is transported. Just double-click the transporting vehicle!

----- Miners: -----

- Customization! All miners can now be individually customized fully. Create the 90's Lego characters 

from your wildest dreams.

- Name your miners with ENTER and they will get saved by the game and customizable on the LMS Explorer

- Added 67 face prints

- Added 144 torso prints (thanks Nuvahammer and Batman 1138 for your help!)

- Added 11 Leg prints

- Added 9 Belt prints

- Added 51 headgear items 

- Added 19 neckwear items

- Added 9 visors

- No colour restrictions! Ever wanted to have that transparent Rock Raiders helmet? Now you can!

- There are very few collision restrictions so go nuts

- Check "LMS Explorer" section for more information

- Items are (almost) exclusively 1999 and before. One large exception is a lot of modern female face prints,

 since Lego only did a handful of female face prints prior to 1999, as well as a leg print for Johnny Thunder!

- Training! Your miners have to train to do certain tasks:

- Explosives Expert: Required to carry and use dynamite. Trained at Level 3 Tool Store

- Geologist: Reveal what is hidden behind the cavern walls. Trained at Geological Center.

- Engineer: Required to repair buildings. Trained at Upgrade Station.

- Driver: Required to drive most ground vehicles. Trained at Support Station.

- Pilot: Required to drive most air vehicles. Trained at Teleport Pad.

- Sailor: Required to drive most water vehicles. Trained at Docks.

- Miners will automatically get the training they need for a job!. Just like tools, they will

      NOT refuse a job even if someone else is better fit for it (i.e. closer AND has training)

- Tools are now limited: A miner can carry 2 tools by default, and 1 more for each time they level up (max of 7 tools) 

- Saving! Your miners now save their upgrades and training between missions. 

- An upgrade takes 15 seconds * current level

- Sandwiches! Consuming a sandwich will:

- Heal the miner to fully

- Restore the miner's hunger to full

- Restore their stamina

- Miners automatically get sandwiches if they are severely hurt or hungry

- They can be put in their inventory like any other Tool, but are consumed on use.

- Miners will periodically get tired when carrying resources and rest for a few seconds 

- You can turn stamina off in settings

- Miners now get periodically hungry every 5-6 minutes. To fix this, have them refill their 

bellies with sandwiches! 

- You can turn hunger off in settings

- Hungry miners get tired at double rate

- Hungry miners will not show their task bubble at all times. They can only think about sandwiches!

- Added Eye view and Shoulder view! This extensive mode will surely make you feel like you are a Rock Raider yourself. 

- Drill walls by walking into them!

- Reinforce walls by walking into them. If you equip a hammer, you can reinforce drillable walls too!

- Dynamite walls by putting it down on a wall. It primes automatically!

- Pick up, put down, and throw resources!

- Construct buildings!

- Repair buildings!

- Recharge crystals by walking into a Recharge Seam!

- Prime Dynamite at will for maximal destruction!

- Place dynamite on walls freely

- Equip tools using new fancy quick-select menus!

- Get tools using new fancy quick-select menus!

- Train your miner using new fancy quick-select menus!

- Dispense resources using new fancy... you get it

- You can quick-dispense a copy of the previous resource by quickly pressing the button again.

- Have full access to command your miners from anywhere, even when using this mode!

- To select your preferred way of controlling your miner, please refer to 

the custom hotkeys in Advanced Settings -> Custom Keybindings -> "First-person: Toggle cursor"

- New animations!

- Enter/Exit animations (not final)

- Driving in reverse animation

- Dropping resources animation

- Idle animations

- Hunger animations

- Secret animations

- Updated some old animations

- Throwing resource

- Walking across rubble

- Running away

- Miners can now recharge crystals that have been used to power laser shots

- Commanding a move while carrying a resource will NOT drop the resource anymore.

- Updated the task bubbles and fixed some issues where they would not appear correctly

---- Buildings: -----

- Added new building: Canteen! Once cut from the beta stage of Rock Raiders, it now makes its comeback! This building

   is designed to alleviate the role of the Support Station and allow sandwich dispensing to be available anywhere in 

   the cavern without power requirements. You can also use it as a replacement for the Tool Store on adventure-oriented


- Cost: 15 Ore and 1 Crystal

- Requires: Nothing

- 3-tile footprint

- Provides air for 5 miners

- Dispenses sandwiches

- Does not require power

- Added upgrade effect!

- The Mining Laser now shoots lasers!

- The Buildings menu now has proper, updated tooltips describing what the Buildings do and cost.

- The Docks only costs 8 Ore, no crystals, and is placable after a LVL 2 Tool Store

- Dependencies have been re-worked:

- The max upgrade to unlock other buildings and vehicles is now always 2

- The Tool Store unlocks Dynamite at level 3

- The Geological Center can be upgraded to level 5

- Small Vehicles are available after you construct the Power Station. This means that if you have

Rock Raiders from previous levels trained as Drivers, you can immediately start using

Small Vehicles

- Multi-select commands now properly work

- Moved level display to above the health meter

- Added dispense-resource buttons to the Tool Store

----- Creatures: -----

- Small Spiders have been spotted in the game. Watch out!

- These ferocious foot predators will cause your Rock Raiders to slip clumsily, taking 10 seconds to recover

- Spiders also deal 2 damage to Rock Raiders

- If a vehicle drives over a spider, the spider is crushed

- Can be explicitly placed in the editor .Please load the level as "Flattened" to place them inside of walls!

- Can be randomly spawned through the level file by setting the level parameter "spiderchance:X.X". This 

sets the standard deviation of a Gaussian probability distribution so that more than onen spider 

can spawn per tile. A value of 1 thus means more than 1 spider spawns on average. 0.1 is a good 

default value.


Enter the LMS Explorer! It has 3 rooms right now but will be expanded to be a more interactive environment in the future.

- Crew management!

   - Name your miners with ENTER and they will get saved by the game

   - Enter the LMS Explorer to assemble your crew

   - Switch between crew groups freely 

   - Increase your crew size by clearing levels (starts at 3, max limit of 25)

- Minifig customization room! Create the 90's Lego characters from your wildest dreams. Items are (almost) exclusively 1999 and before.

   - Added 50+ face prints

   - Added 100+ torso prints (thanks Nuvahammer and Batman1138!)

   - Added 40+ headgear items 

   - Added 5 neckwear items

   - No colour restrictions! Ever wanted to have that transparent Rock Raiders helmet? Now you can!

   - Secret accessories for doing secret achievements! 

(Hint: They are stats-based. Don't overwork yourself)

- Chief's corner

- Buy cosmetic textures and accessories for your miners!

- Everything is paid in crystals that you collect during missions 

(Including custom ones, 100% cheesable)

- An "Unlock all" cheat is also available for the impatient

(It's in the "Cheater's corner" of the store, look and you'll find it!)



----- Levels: -----

- The game now has a full progression system, unlocking new levels as you clear previous ones

- The game now keeps track of the best clear time you have for each level, including custom ones

- There are now level stats being saved after you finish a mission!

- An optional in-game timer is now available (no full speed-run mode yet)

- Chief has joined the briefing screen for briefings and debriefings!

- All original levels are here!

- Explosive action: Bring the Small Digger back to the base! (objective not proper)

- Search and Rescue: Help Docs find the missing Rock Raider before it is too late!

- Frozen Frenzy: Find Jet and her Tunnel Transport and she'll escort you out

- Water lot of fun: cross the river bank!

- Water Works: Help Bandit find the missing Rock Raiders amidst a giant sea.

- Run the gauntlet: Help Axle escape and find his way back to the Tool Store

- Fire 'n' Water: Escape to the safety on the other side of the river before lava engulfs you

- Run the gauntlet: Help Axle escape and find his way back to the Tool Store

- Back to Basics: Very silent... for now

- Hot Stuff: Collect Energy Crystals by the foot of an active volcano

- Rocky Horror: The echoes of this empty cave haunts you...

- There are 3 new "freeform" tutorials intended to teach you more about Miners, Buildings and Vehicles. They are

not final.

----- Level Editor: -----

- New/updated icons

- Drill tool now shovels one step of rubble if applicable

- Now saves miners with no "dummies" required, just hit the "Starter" switch.

- Miners in vehicles are automatically saved! 

- Vehicle themselves are always saved.

- Vehicles can be hidden in caverns

- Added "initial resources" to the Objectives menu

- Added Vehicles menu button

- Added Small Spider to the spawn menu. To place those optimally, please use the "Flattened" mode, then save them.

Opening the wall triggers their physics so they fall through the world if you are not careful.

- Click a Small Spider to remove it

- Added "Mangle terrain" which randomizes the height change in an area (a bit broken right now)

- Replaced "Free buildings" with "Free stuff" toggle as it applies to everything, including trainings

- Load levels by clickable buttons instead of typing their names

- Objectives won't be completed while editing the level

- Moved camera button to top saving bar

- You can now change the identity of miners to the Rock Raiders crew! They will always load as default and are

different from any crew members you might unlock for customization. They all start at level 1 with one

specific training each. See the campaign for demonstrations on how to use this.

- Caves are now toggles instead of placing flags. NOTE: You have to re-place caves if you expand them or they'll cause voids in the world!

- A new tile type has been added: Cliff! The cliff tile is completely untraversable and prevents vehicles from falling over edges. There is a demonstration map in the official maps DEMO folder.

----- Resources: -----

- Crystals now glow beautifully

- Crystals are no longer destroyed in lava (Ore still is)

- Crystals and Ore no longer sink in water and can be collected by any vehicle that reach them.

  Rapid Rider is a good budget choice for this BUT be sure it can drop them off!

  Place a Docks where it can reach, or a Tool Store near the water

- Seams now spawn resources on a nearby tile instead of directly from the wall, to ensure they can be collected

- Dynamite now primes nearby dynamites when exploding (within ~1 tile). Watch out how many you queue at once!

- Removed "Complex physics" option, all resources now use simple box-based collisions

----- User Interface: -----

- Many buttons have been upgraded with new icons and voice clips

- Animated cursor showing possible unit actions!

- Hold Ctrl/Shift/Alt to select only Miners/Vehiceles/Buildings. Keys can be set in Advanced settings->Controls->Keyboard

- Most menus have now been aligned

- Added "Build prioritized Power Path" button to Ground click menu

these Power Paths will always be built before everything else (Including Erosion repairs!!)

- Added "Select all" buttons for Miners, Buildings and Vehicles in the Information UI.

- Added "Powered/Total buildings" counter. Click the number to toggle between them.

----- Scripting: -----

- The scripting system is extremely expansive and allows level creators to define level-specific responses 

to what happens in the level. For example, you can set up a goal that the player has to teleport 

down 20 miners and then clear the floor of rubble. Please check the DEMO files for demonstrations 

and the Wiki documentation for details. You can even create Blackjack in-game! 


----- Settings: -----

- Settings are now saved globally and not in the ManicMiners folder

- Added player profiles! These are intended to save difficulty setups and progress so you can have one Hard Mode

profile, a speedrun profile etc. Most settings, such as graphics settings, are still tied to your machine.

----- General/Other: -----

- Custom Levels now save globally in your Documents folder. You can also use the in-game button to find the folder

- Pathfinding now has no limit. Please beware that on huge maps with intentionally bad pathfinding conditions, 

performance will eventually suffer, where it would previously simply say "You can't reach this location".

- Every new build will now popup a changelog window

- Every major update will now show a "Splash page".

- Updated all materials

- Updated many models

----- Fixes/Improvements: -----

- Cinematic Camera mode greatly improved and accessible from Pause menu

- The world now is properly underground and has a roof and map border

- Cancel Electric Fences with "Cancel" key (C by default. Dedicated click-button coming)

- Cancel and forbid shoveling on a tile with "Cancel" action (C by default. Dedicated click-button coming)

- Overhauled the UI and all icons

- Added better tooltips

- Updated troubleshooting

- All objectives are now "fulfilled forever" by default and won't ever be "unfulfilled" if e.g. your crystal count drops.

- Fixed miners repairing Electric Fences. If one is destroyed, it'll have to be replaced. You'll understand later...

- Fixed miners sometimes not reaching certain positions and getting stuck (with Dynamite especially)

- Fixed Main Menu not resetting cursor

- Fixed Tools menu not deselecting actors properly

- Fixed buildings always spawning at Max HP

- Fixed Level Briefing expanding by 1 row every time you save the level

- Fixed not being able to save/load maps for all OS (but there are no builds for Linux/Mac yet)

- Fixed level sound cues sometimes not playing correctly

- Fixed miners not changing state after being scared

- Pathfinding is now unlimited

- Tab should properly close any menu even when out of focus

- A multitude of other bugs fixed

- Removed one Easter Egg because it's now a feature (driving a terrible Chrome Chrusher by pressing a specific key)

- Added some more Easter Eggs... many are visual, some are actually rewarding!

V0.2: The Buildings and Bruises update

The Buildings and Bruises update focused heavily on building implementations and making the caverns challenge the miners health through Erosion and Landslides.

Changelog V0.2.6->0.2.7

Basically bugfixes...

- All resources are now checked for proper goals before being picked up. This means power paths and buildings

  are automatically built if accessible, instead of making certain generalizations about how resources are used.

  > Note, however, that Studs won't be used for Power Paths unless there is a fully upgraded Ore Refinery 

- Drill icons now stay until the task is finished. 

  > Note: You can still queue drilling commands for walls that are not reachable yet

- Reinforcing, Dynamite and drill commands now stack and don't cancel each other.

- Hopefully increased sound buffer so sound won't restart

- Fixed Erosion not destroying unbuilt Power Paths

- Fixed Erosion sometimes being immortal

- Fixed power issue with removing Power Paths

- Fixed Miners not reaching resources that were too close to walls

- Fixed Miners abandoning tasks if told to go somewhere before the task was started

- Fixed miners not getting killed by lava (99.9%, sometimes they walk onto the lava just as it is spawned and it won't get triggered)

- Fixed miners not being able to shovel certain terrain

- Fixed "New Building" popups not initializing correctly

That should be every single bug I have recorded so far!

Changelog V0.2.5->0.2.6

- Added "Play Custom Level" to Main Menu: Play levels that other players have shared with ease! Will improve in upcoming releases

- Added "Lock game speed" setting: If this is off, the game will always start at speed 1

- On Easier Erosion and Landslides now have their cooldown doubled

- On Harder, walls will now give 1-4 Ore instead of always giving 4. (mean value 2.5 ore per wall)

   This is generated by a seed tied to the map data and is consistent between runs.

   Note: Remember that buildings don't give back Ore on Harder! Things can get really tough in some caverns

- Opening caverns now give 10 units (Miner-Seconds) of air per tile in the cavern. Should encourage exploration! (will make it a level parameter later)

- Seams will now "push" resources towards the closest miner so they don't fall down into water/lava on the wrong side as often

- Miners should now avoid erosion by a certain margin. If this causes any issues, let me know.

- Made some minor improvements to Oresome: Added shortcuts and fixed an annoying rubble patch 

- Fixed a bug where miners forgot to put their tasks back in the task queues. 

- Fixed a bug where the Ore Refinery caused miners to go idle

- Fixed a bug where Erosion did not power off Power Paths

- Fixed a bug where Power Paths in discovered caverns did not behave properly

- Fixed the Quick Settings menu sometimes double clicking

- Fixed landslide minimum being 5, not 4

- Fixed landslides spawning on corners under very specific conditions

- Fixed miners sometimes choosing inaccessible drilling approaches. Miners will now always prefer drilling on tiles that are not

   near buildings or undergoing erosion.

- Fixed some tooltips

- Added more random tips

Changelog V0.2.4->0.2.5 (Buildings and Bruises Patch 5):

Performance improvements!


- Added Lava to low-resolution textures! It doesn't move like the original yet, but it should boost your performance on slow PCs.

- Walls about to be reinforced but turning into corners are now automatically canceled

- Lowered minimum landslide rate from 6 to 4. More landslides!


- Fixed severe lava performance issues for larger lava maps as well as erosion:

--- Removed Lava component that caused unnecessary performance drop and mouse "skidding". 

--- Lava placement is now instant again no matter the map size. The destruction of resources will look slightly worse as a result, but it's worth it.

--- Fixed severe performance issue where lava on larger maps would stutter the game when Erosion progressed. It is now close-to-instant, previously it was nearly unplayable.


- Fixed water not being available in high-resolution

- Fixed (hopefully) resources sometimes spawning in unreachable configurations, especially barriers.

- Fixed Tool Store spawning too high up in the air to be reachable 

- Fixed Potato mode locking the screen if enabled from in-game (Thanks @profego#4051 !)

- Fixed level load failure ruining the currently loaded level

- Fixed an issue where Edge Panning moved in the wrong directions

- Fixed some tooltips

- Fixed Geo Center's teleport-down animation

- Made cursor smaller = less blurry

- Changed the Miner jumpsuits to fantastic HD ones! ( by @ZuTheSkunk#4273 )

Changelog V0.2.3->0.2.4 (Buildings and Bruises Patch 4):

- Added free camera option. Experimental, so if you have issues with it right now, that's life

- Fixed camera escaping the map boundaries

- Fixed camera sometimes getting stuck in map corners

- Missed patch note from last changelog: Reduced game size.

Changelog V0.2.2->0.2.3 (Buildings and Bruises Patch 3):


- Added reachability check for constructing buildings: Previously they would just stop if the next prioritized building was unreachable

- Clarified Buildings tooltips to show what has and has not gotten functionality yet

- Clarified control scheme

- Added missing tooltip to Building Power Priority button

- Discovery objectives now work for walls that are not in a cave, meaning you can e.g. put it on a Crystal Seam in the middle of a dirt path

- Reworked gameplay hotkeys to be dynamic: You can now change them by opening ManicMiners\Config\DefaultInput.ini in notepad and 

   scrolling to the bottom to change Task bubbles "Key=X" etc. They will get proper in-game remapping functionality in the next 

   major build.


- Fixed Erosion Repair and Power Paths playing the teleport-up effect

- Fixed Ore Refinery leaving Ore floating after destruction. It is now dispensed instead.

- Fixed issue where camera did not start at desired height

Changelog V0.2.1->0.2.2

Buildings and Bruises Patch 2 :V0.2.2


- A miner will now try to reinforce a wall if they can't drill it after clicking. You can hold R to force them to reinforce the wall. Not having a Hammer results in no reinforcing.

- Resources should now spawn on ground tiles at map start and after opening a cavern

- Fixing erosion on a Power Path should now properly turn it back into a Power Path

--- Note: Fixing Erosion on a Power-Path-in-progress will still make it a Power Path. Erosion Repair is thus disabled on those tiles.

- Landslides now stop if next to Lava/Water (the Lava effect is cool but it tanks performance. Might add back as a Gameplay setting.)

- Added instructions on how to migrate settings from previous versions

- Improved cave-opening performance (Like 20-50% depending on the cave structure)


- Fixed Erosion not eroding power paths properly

- Fixed Erosion not stopping when not near lava (happened on pre-eroded cavern tiles)

- Fixed Erosion Repair acting like a building in some instances

- Fixed shovel markers being left behind on lava

- Fixed miners sliding like a baws after finishing a Power Path

- Fixed "Drop resource" not affecting all selected miners

- Adjusted Erosion at a distance to not look like an explosion

- Fixed Tool Store having weirdly angled Tool Dispensions

Changelog V0.2->V0.2.1


- Updated some levels

- Miners now look for nearby drill orders before they get new tasks

- Added Biome changer to Level Editor Environment Menu

- Shovel from landslides is now automatically queued when the landslide is not active anymore

- Added "Teleport at Start" to buildings in Level Editor. Works only when directly clicked due to complications.

- Solid Rock can now landslide and be reinforced on "Harder". This only happens when the map maker specifically puts landslides on Solid Rock and will not influence other difficulties. Classic Campaign levels will not have this enabled.

- Made landslide heavier

- Enabled ping sound to the Geological Center when powered up

- Changed the "Discover" objective to be *whatever you want*, without the "Find" prefix. Yes, I'm giving you the power to make "Go kick Rock Monster butt" an objective (when tied to a discover location)


- Defeated Barriers in a honourable battle of life and death

- Fixed Erosion not being visible in opened caverns

- Fixed some erosion tiles not adopting the original texture

- Fixed Ore Refinery not dropping Ore into the bin. Sloppy.

- Fixed Power Station sometimes not being reachable

- Fixed rubble from initial collapsing walls not being shovelable

- Fixed Building Popup appearing when no building was avaialble

- Fixed miners locking up when trying to get a tool in a tight space: They will get tools from the inside of the Tool Store now.

- Fixed Stats menu locking the game

- Fixed foundations sometimes appearing to float

- Fixed Forced Restart after Game Experience change removing the cursor

-Fixed landslides going into water behaving like it's lava

Changelog: V0.1->V0.2

This is a MAJOR update, and it is recommended that you save absolutely nothing from any previous versions and start fresh.

New game mechanics:

- Building power: Collect crystals and see what the buildings can do for you

- Air meter: Some levels will slowly run out of air, so you better construct a Support Station quickly!

- Erosion: A flow of lava that spreads mercilessly... Power paths slow it down a lot!

- Landslides: An unpredictable catastrophe capable of decimating anything that stands right next to it!

- Reinforcing walls and repairing buildings

- Tools system

- HP system

- Speed modifiers for Power Paths and Rubble

- Priorities: Tell your miner in what order to do tasks

- Power priority: Decide in what order buildings should be powered

- A lot of settings and hotkeys have been added! Please check them out

- Proper level select screen!


- Added "Game Experience": Change this if you either want a) The game to be easier b) The game to be harder or c) An experience as close to the original Rock Raiders as possible. Otherwise: Leave it at Normal

- Reworked the entire Settings menu

- Added quick hotkeys!

- Q: Quick key. 

- If a wall is clicked, mark it for drilling. 

- If rubble, mark it for shoveling. 

- If ground, command a Power Path there

- If a building is selected, try to upgrade it

- If an unbuilt building is selected, cancel it

- E: Explode/Electric. 

- If a wall is clicked, send a Dynamite there. 

- If any floor tile, place Electric Fence there

- If a building: Toggle the power ("Electric")

- "Swap Q and E" option is available, for those that want E as the quick option and E as the secondary

- R: Reinforce. Will be implemented when Reinforcing becomes a thing.

- C: Cancel. Cancels all drilling of a wall.

- Escape and Tab quits any menu

- Enabled priorities! They should work completely and you can toggle them on and off. Let me know if you encounter issues

- Note: They will still always shovel rubble first if they stand on it. This will possibly change.

- Added the Air meter! You gotta build enough Support Stations before the air is up!

- Added visual resource counters.

- Studs can now be refined from Ore using the Ore Refinery. They can be used to construct buildings efficiently and upgrade buildings. 

- Note: please set the "setting "Prioritize using Studs or Ore" (when given the choice) to your preferred option.

- Camera has been updated to fix a bug and now allows for greater freedom

- Added proper loading screen + Mission Briefing

- Decreased game size


- Added 6 new buildings!

- Docks: Place it by water and it will flex for you really hard

- Upgrade Station: Will do fancy animations for now

- Ore Refinery: If you have this powered, miners will carry their ore there and make Studs! Studs are then used to construct buildings

- Geological Center: Enables the radar. Only uses 1 "Base tile" now

- Mining Laser: Standing there, menancingly

- Super Teleport: It can teleports miners until Vehicles arrive

- Added teleport effects and animations

- Added Power Paths System

- Enabled Building Power On/Off buttons

- Building resource requirements now show as holograms

- Enabled Miner teleportation queue, click the tiny button to empty the queue

- Added teleport point to the Super Teleport

- Updated the building icons

- Enabled building collisions: Miners should be able to walk between most buildings but not through them.

- Miners now flee from buildings being teleported down

- Added "How to build" to the Buildings Menu

- Buildings can now be placed on more sloped ground than before

- You can multi-select only buildings by holding SHIFT


- Made rotation smooth instead of instant.

- Tasks are now only accepted if miners can reach them

- Picking up stuff is only automatic if they can reach a dropoff point or a Power Path. (They need the barriers to build regular buildings)

- Navigation and task system completely overhauled

- Selecting a miner now orients them towards your camera

- Deselecting a miner who is carrying something now re-calculates his dropoff goal

- Miners now have HP

- Miners can now carry tools, which are required to perform certain actions

- Miners can reinforce walls

- Miners can repair buildings


- Dynamite now gets "recycled" if destroyed instead of simply forgotten

- Dynamite now gives off a screen shake

- Dynamite now only spawns for reachable positions

- Dynamite doesn't roll away from walls anymore

- Resources now sink in lava/water with a nice animation


- Added Erosion!

- Added landslides!

- Added speed modifiers for Rubble and Power Paths


- Added options+Priorities panel

- Added Building Power priority panel

- Added Air meter

- Added Radar panel


- All brick pieces now have a slightly matte surface to look more realistic.

Level Editor:

- Many clarifications on how to do things

- Place walls in rectangle shapes!

- Placed walls update automatically!

- The top of walls are now X-rayed by default

- Added "Flattened" mode: All walls are flattened to the ground

- Added "Simulate real level" mode: Like a real level, but with the Level Editor cheats. No saving in this mode.

- Expanded Resource cheat panel

- Objective: New buildings! (and Electric Fences)

- Objective: Amount of buildings built (click a building button several times)

- Objective: Find miner

- Objective: Find building

- Objective: Discover a certain position

- Level data parameters:

- initialcrystals:XXX (how many crystals should the level start with)

- initialore:XXX (how much oreshould the level start with)

- erosionscale:X.XX (erode cooldowns are multiplied by this, if you ever want erosion quicker than 1 second)

- Teleport: True for buildings now actually teleports them


- Changed Support Station's louvers to air intakes

- Added effects to the Teleport Pad

- Building sounds are now only active when the building is powered

- Added game tips

- Improved some models and animations


- Menus overhauled

- Edge Panning toggle

- Power path update rate

- Game Experience

- Right click option: Either deselect or act as left click

- Individual toggles for voice alerts

- Many more!


- Fixed "Movement is paused when hovering menus"

- Fixed some arrow pointers getting left behind when clicking miners/buildings

- Fixed Buildings menu hotkey not resetting Player State

- Fixed Barriers sometimes failing to place near walls

- Fixed miners not being able to place resources if they start at their goal

- Fixed pausing when hovering menus

- Fixed selecting miners behind the camera

- No more X-raying walls

- Fixed tons of other bugs and exploits. Actually, almost every bug there was ever reported

Data handling:

- Updated building's Power Paths to be specified by Integers, not Vectors. If you encounter issues with Building Power Paths when loading a map you've done previously, let me know.

- Updated the way the camera loads, older levels will need to update it.

Notes and bugs:

- None so far

V0.1: The first demo