Miners are the basic AI characters in Manic Miners. They can interact with objects in the level as well as the level itself.

To teleport a miner, a Building capable of teleporting miners is required, such as the Tool Store, Teleport Pad, or the Super Teleport.

In certain caverns, there will be an Oxygen supply where you have to carefully watch your oxygen levels. To survive, build enough oxygen-supplying Buildings, like the Support Station, to keep the air in the cavern fresh!



Miners can drill Dirt in 4 seconds and Loose Rock in 8 seconds, provided they have a drill. They can drill Ore and Crystal Seams in 24 seconds. They can not drill Hard Rock under any circumstances, but they can carry Dynamite to it.

Clearing rubble

Miners can clear rubble, stage by stage, provided they have a shovel

Reinforcing walls

Miners can reinforce walls, provided they have a hammer. Solid Rock can only be reinforced on the "Harder" game experience and resource Seams can not be reinforced at all as they do not produce landslides.

Repairing buildings

Miners can repair buildings that have been damaged, provided they have a spanner. Repairing gives back 30 health to the building and takes 6 seconds.

Collecting resources

Miners can pick up and carry one resource at a time to the destination of your choosing. If you do not command a new destination to move to, the miner automatically finds the nearest place to drop their resources. If no collection point is available, they

Constructing buildings

Before collecting a resource, the miners always check if a building is in progress. If so, they always prioritize carrying resources there instead. Your miners are also unique in being able to carry Barriers, so don't replace them all with Vehicles!

Recharging crystals

When a crystal is discharged by a laser shot, miners can carry it to a Recharge seam to recharge it, giving it power to function again.

Driving vehicles

Your miners can be trained into excellent pilots, drivers, and sailors at their respective buildings, after which the miner can drive any applicable vehicle. While in a vehicle, the miner is immune to damage and is subject to whatever movement the Vehicle is doing. This can be used to transport the miner over otherwise impassable terrain.


Miners move at 1 tile per second. They can move across any ground terrain that is not Lava or Water.

When walking on Rubble, miners are slowed down to 40% their original movement speed. Clearing rubble is essential for keeping an HQ highly functioning!

When walking on Power Paths, miners receive a 50% speed boost. This includes Building paths, but only after the building has finished construction.

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